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AromaTune™ Massage or MeridianTune Acupuncture

We use Meridian Tuning Forks that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of healthy chakra-meridian-organ systems.  Together they stimulate homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system for balance in the body and mind. (no insurance accepted for this service).

These forms of vibrational medicine harmonize and decongest the chakra-meridian systems.  Chakra-Meridian balancing has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system and internal Organs (as understood by Chinese Medicine).

Our chakras can become congested, over-stimulated or uncoordinated.  Restoring balance to your chakras helps with stress, emotional-wellbeing, pain and disease. 

Restore Balance and Harmony to Your Chakras with AromaTune Massage or Meridian Tuning.

AromaTune™ Massage 

AromaTune™ is Aromatherapy with Tuning Forks massage.  It is a gentle, safe and highly effective treatment method.  It utilizes the energetic frequencies of 100% pure essential oils with vibrational sound waves from tuning forks on Acupuncture points to stimulate homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system for balance in the body and mind.

Oils are chosen specifically that offer immune support, promote relaxation, stress relief, decrease pain and inflammation and lift the mood. 

You can learn more here.

The exact oils and tuning forks used may differ depending on your treatment needs.  

$125 for 45-60 minutes.

MeridianTune Acupuncture

 is a quicker version without the aromatherapy massage, and the focus is on the acupuncture, and reflex points.

$75 for 30-45 minutes.

Reasons to use vibrational tuning forks:

-General Tuning: Balance your meridian system and chakras (psycho-neuro-endocrine centers (PNE); balances nerves, brain, and hormones.  To Feel strong, powerful, and joyful by finding clarity, purpose, and passion in your life. Also, great for self-discovery, improved business and life passion.

-Cancer support and calming the mind, nausea, fatigue, insomnia.

-Body alignment, posture, nervous system reset.

-Brain, CNS support.

-Skin and hair rejuvenation.  Outward beauty and inner beauty.

-Anti-cellulite and Fat reduction.

-Acceleration of wound healing.

-Boosting and regulating the immune system for allergies, asthma, frequent illnesses.

-Support the lungs and respiratory system.

-Harmonize the liver and gall bladder with tension release, sense of purpose and direction.

-Fibromyalgia, Hypersensitivity to pain, multiple joint pain, chronic fatigue.

-Digestive and gastrointestinal support.

-Joints and bones.

-Hormone balance, male or female for infertility, menstrual complaints, PMS, menopause.

-Heart and circulation for hypertension, post-stroke, CHF.

-Balance emotions and emotionally related pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, nervousness, worry, addictions.


How Tuning Forks Work

The vibration of a tuning fork is felt as it resonates through muscle, bones, and organs creating entrainment.  This is synchronization of the body’s systems, organs, and tissues to the frequency of the fork reaching a harmonic natural rhythm. 

The treatment stimulates healing of tissue at the cellular level getting to the root cause of disharmony. 

It works because each of our tissues, organs and cells have their own frequency.  Musical instruments have varying sound waves, which penetrate the human body, causing vibrations within the cell.  Specific vibrations strengthen healthy cells while regenerating weaker cells. 

However, it is different from traditional music therapy, which uses signals received through the ears that focuses on the mind.  Tuning fork sound frequencies are received through the ears, skin, tissue, bones, organs and cells.  Therefore, it works on all three levels of the human body, which are the body, mind, and spirit. 

Tuning forks used for sound healing come in a variety of sets and frequencies.  By directing the sound waves of correct tuning forks at key acupuncture and reflexology points, the sound travels through the body to the appropriate organ, gland, bone, or tissue.  The healing frequency directs the body’s cells to tune up to their proper healthy pitch enabling them to function as they should. 


Testimonial:  Barbara R. says, “

I meant to send you a message last week to let you know my last appointment was awesome.

I am feeling rejuvenated, clear headed, calm and sleeping oh so good.  I definitely want to try again

in the new year.  Thanks so much!!

See you soon.”

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Ten Ways to Cut Sugar Cravings

sugar cubes10 ways to cut Sugar Cravings

Sugar or glucose is our major life force needed for metabolic energy.  Therefore, we need the sweet flavor in our diets.  According to Chinese Medicine the whole foods that provide the sweet flavor as well as its beneficial properties are non-glutenous rice, legumes, sweet vegetables such as carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, fruit, and dates.  The sugars in these foods are balanced with proper minerals.

The simple carbohydrates such as white granulated sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, raw sugar, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, and agave (is highly processed with chemicals) are not recommended.

Other simple sugars such as maple sugar, rice syrup, unrefined cane juice powder, barley malt, black-strap molasses, malt sugar, raw unpasteurized honey may be eaten sparingly.

When sugars are refined and processed other minerals and naturally occurring enzymes as well as any healthful benefits are lost.  Unfortunately, sugar can be addicting and contributes to disease and unhappiness.  Many degenerative diseases have been attributed to sugar such as obesity, tooth decay, hypoglycemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, immune deficiency, yeast infections, Candida, and bone loss.

Here are 10 ways to cut sugar cravings!

  1. Have a non-sweet breakfast containing a protein-rich food. Choose a whole grain or protein  such as: eggs, lox, smoked fish, lean poultry sausage, soy products, beans, nuts or seeds.  If you choose meats balance them with radishes, mushrooms, potatoes, or salads.
  2. Eat salty foods sparingly because they contribute to craving sweets.  Salty foods may include sea salt, pickles, miso, soy sauce, meats, cheeses, or fish.
  3. Avoid excess raw fruits and vegetables and juice. Fruits, especially the juice are higher in sugars and leave your blood sugar low creating a desire for more sweets. They are also energetically cooling creating a desire for more warming foods such as sugar.  A good rule of thumb for an appropriate proportion of your vegetables and fruits that are eaten cold, raw, or juiced is 5-10% of your daily fruits and veggies.  Eat them mostly lightly cooked and warm.
  4. Eat green leafy vegetables daily, especially if chocolate cravings are a problem.  Eat them mostly cooked and warm.
  5. Drink green tea daily. It helps maintain blood sugar levels, minimizing sugar cravings.
  6. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Your body responds as if they are actual sugars.
  7. Reduce or eliminate refined sugars such as, sucrose, fructose, fruit juice, commercial honey, and syrups.
  8. Get adequate full-spectrum lighting. Natural light is essential for the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a calming brain chemical which can help reduce sugar cravings.  Take a 20 minute walk, sit near a bright window, or use full-spectrum lighting in your work place.
  9. Include good fats with essential fatty acids such as, flax seed, pumpkin, hemp, fish oils, or avocado.  Nuts and seeds are best purchased if they are in the shell, sprouted, or are unsalted, and lightly roasted.  Raw shelled nuts go rancid quite easily and may harbor parasites.
  10. Try supplements of magnesium (350-500 mg) and chromium (200-500 meg). Minerals that help stabilize blood sugars.  Or use herbs:  fennel leaf, licorice root.

May your sweet tooth be satisfied!

Natural Screen for Summer

Be ready with a natural sunscreen that doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients.  First, here is some information you may need to know.

There are two types of UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun: UVA and UVB.

UVA rays are primarily responsible for skin damage from excessive sun exposure that can lead to cancer and skin aging.

However, although UVB rays can also cause damage and sunburn, they are necessary for your body to produce its own cancer protective vitamin D via the skin.

Sunlight is by far the optimal way to produce your vitamin D. Blocking UVB rays may inadvertently be increasing your cancer risk by blocking vitamin D absorption. Plus, sunscreen causes cancer through carcinogenic ingredients and SPF protects only against UVB rays.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil has an spf of 10, and blocks 90% of UVB Rays, thus providing 90% of its Vitamin D synthesizing abilities.

So, now are you ready for my recipe that I use for a natural sunblock?

1/2 C olive oilsafe in the sun

1/4 Cup extra virgin coconut oil

2 Tbsp. cocoa butter

2Tbsp. Zinc oxide

Essential Oils:  12 drops helichrysum, 3 drops arborvitae, 10 drops lavender, 5 drops melaleuca.

Place all ingredients, except the zinc oxide and essential oils, into a double boiler or water bath on the stove top.

Heat and mix gently, stirring together all ingredients as they melt.  Once melted and mixed together, remove from heat then add zinc oxide and essential oils.  Mix together.  Let cool completely.  Pour into a clean glass jar, and store in a cool place.

Apply to your skin before going out into the sun, and reapply every hour during your time outdoors.  Don’t forget to reapply after a swim.

Care should always be taken when sunbathing to avoid a sunburn.  If you burn easily, know your threshold for time in the sun before burning.

Olive oil has one of the highest ratings for ultraviolet radiation absorption, but is not a sunblock.  The zinc oxide is added to provide further sunblock.

It’s also a good idea to wear sunglasses, a hat, and avoid direct sunlight during the middle of the day.  This is from about 10 am to 3 pm.

Remember that citrus oils such as lemon, wild orange, lime, or bergamot may increase photo-sensitivity.  Therefore, don’t apply these oils to the skin at least 24 hours before going out into the sun.

Happy Oiling!

Enjoy from Dr. Michele 

Learn more about doTERRA Oils Click Here   helichrsum







Disclaimer:  This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.  The products and methods recommended are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent illness or disease.  Please consult with a licensed health professional to address specific health concerns you might have.


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Acupuncture and colon cancer

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States with about 60,000 deaths from it every year. Like all cancer, treatment can be long, uncomfortable and come with many side effects. Those getting chemotherapy may experience nausea, vomiting, postoperative pain, cancer related pain, insomnia and anxiety. The chronic pain can significantly impact quality of life. Most patients are prescribed medications such as opioids for pain that have side effects and are highly addictive. continue reading »