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Dolphin-MPS Therapy

New innovative and painless acupuncture without needles!

I am so happy to be able to offer you drug free, natural effective acupuncture care with a microcurrent device.

The Dolphin Neurostim™ and Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy provides effective relieve from acute or chronic pain of soft tissues, stress, anxiety, cellular healing, as well as scar tissue release.

Through research and experience the Dolphin Neurostim™ was developed based on ancient Chinese Acupuncture Medicine and Modern Western science.

How it works is by applying microcurrent impulses to the acupuncture points, or trigger points.

Therapy is based upon your individual needs and meridian diagnosis where brief microcurrent impulses are applied to specific trigger and/or acupuncture points.

It is a whole-body therapy designed to regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS), by combining effects of acupuncture, osteopathy, and modern neural therapy.

Dolphin is not only safe, it works quickly and quite effectively!
The concentrated microcurrent impulses when applied to specific treatment points helps to naturally reduce nervous system stress hormone cortisol. This gives a relaxing effect, softening muscle tone and releasing the body’s natural pain killers called endorphins. This holistic effect on the body’s nervous, muscular and endocrine systems is the reason why the Dolphin Neurostim™ works so fast and effectively for many chronic pain conditions.

The benefits of Dolphin Neurostim™ and MPS Therapy are numerous. Here are a few examples below:
1. Finally relief from chronic pain
2. Treatment without invasive procedures, chemicals, or drugs.
3. The treatment is effective, and long lasting.
4. Treatment is quick lasting only 3 minutes up to 20 minutes.

Here are some examples of what conditions MPS Therapy can help you with:
1. Low back pain
2. Sciatica
3. Arthritis
4. Bursitis
5. Tendonitis
6. Knee pain
7. Elbow pain
8. Neck pain
9. Shoulder pain
10. PMS and menstrual cramps
11. Sports injuries
12. Scars and Adhesions.
13. Reduce stress, and anxiety.

Learn more about the Dolphin Neurostim™ and MPS Therapy at 

MPS provides for a scientifically documented 75-80% improvement in pain relief & functional outcomes.

We can apply the MPS Therapy before dry needling, or acupuncture to significantly accelerate patient healing & functional outcomes.

Either in combination or used as a standalone modality, MPS is difficult to beat using conventional modalities for pain relief. Several recent studies prove the superiority of MPS therapy for chronic pain.


A little more science and for other holistic healers to learn more about Dolphin Neurostim™.

Dolphin device emerged from neurology endorphin research of the 1980’s, when science
recognized for the first time how special types of DC electro currents flow within our bodies and can be measured from our hearts and nervous systems. Applying DC current in harmonious low frequencies can positively influence the human body. Direct Current (DC used in MPS) flows in one direction, is found in nature and “runs” your heart and nervous system.

Many other devices use an Alternating Current (AC). It has a back and forth flow of current, and powers most of our household appliances and traditional TENS (Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator) devices. AC stimulation is man Made and is not found in nature. It does not resonate with our own bio-electric current flow.

Dolphin Neurostim produces microcurrent frequency that is thousands of times less in strength than traditional TENS units, and it is delivered in a way to “resonate” with the nervous system and influence significant cellular changes in organs, tissues and fascia. For this the Dolphin has been called “microcurrent bio-stimulation” for its reported benefits on cellular health.

Remember these key amazing whole-body benefits:

1) Reduce Stress and Regulate the Autonomic Nervous System
2) Accelerate Cellular Healing
3) Relieve Chronic & Acute Pain

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