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Food as Medicine

food as medicine

Mama Always Said: You Are What You Eat

Maybe mom really did know best when it came to nutrition. As research has shown, what we eat can actually impact our health profoundly. Over the years, we have learned that our dietary choices can influence our risk of disease. And some have made it a profitable business to teach us new ways to look at food (anti-inflammatory diet, Keto, heart healthy, etc.).  continue reading »

Tips to stimulate poor appetite when recovering from surgery, chemo, or illness using natural methods

Watch my video where I share with you some ideas about what foods can help along with using aromatherapy and acupressure.

Parsley Magic to Medicine

Flat Parsley Leaf

Parsley is Nature’s Top Rated Leafy Green

This garden herb was thought to possess magical properties.  During the middle ages its uses ranged from healing snake bite, banishing freckles, as an aphrodisiac, and as an antidote for epilepsy.  It is believed to have originated in Southern Europe with popularity spreading across the Middle East. There are over 30 varieties. Today we know it as a great source of antioxidant power.  Let’s take a look at some awesome medicinal uses of parsley.

  • A tea for women.  Due to it’s high content of folate it helps ensure a healthy pregnancy. High in vegetable calcium, and chlorophyll a daily cup of parsley can help slow the aging process.  It also contains plenty of iron for iron deficiency anemia.  It works as a diuretic, sooths PMS, and benefits the facial complexion because of the beta-carotene content. 
  • Immune, cardiovascular, and cancer prevention. Parsley is full of four major antioxidants such as coumarins, flavonoids, monoterpene, and polyacetylene, which appear to block the synthesis of cancer-promoting prostaglandins. Plus, 10, 000 IU per 1/2 Cup of beta-carotene, and daily vitamin C.  
  • Eases joint pain, rheumatism, fatigue, kidney and urinary tract infections (UTI). The mineral content of potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and iodine explains these benefits.

Chinese Herbal Medicinal Properties of Parsley

It is thought to be warming, spicy, bitter, and salty in flavor. Dietary benefits are as follows:

  • Improves digestion
  • Detoxifies meats and fish
  • Hastens recovery of measles
  • Promotes urination, and dries watery mucoid conditions such as, obesity, bladder mucus, swollen glands, breasts, and stones in bladder, kidney, or gall bladder.
  • Strengthens the adrenal glands, optic nerves, and benefits the brain. 
  • Useful for ear infections, ear ache, and deafness.
  • Freshens the breath for halitosis, strengthens the teeth.
  • It makes a beautiful garnish on the plate.

Caution: It dries up milk production, thus it is not to be used for lactating mothers. 

How to Use:

  • Drink 2-3 cups daily of fresh or dried parsley tea. Take 10 sprigs, gently bruise, and steep 1-2 minutes in hot water, strain, and enjoy. 
  • Or eat 1-2 ounces of fresh or lightly cooked parsley daily. 

How to have a healthy gut and healthy body naturally

gut health

I wanted to let you know about my online course, Healthy Gut Healthy Body.


The course is designed to help you overcome common digestive problems such as irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel diseases Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, gastrointestinal reflux disease, and more with easy to follow green smoothie recipes, healing rice porridge, teas, and essential oils.

  • 10-day essential plan to move from acute, severe problems to remission.
  • Digestive first-aid for common complaints like acid-reflux, constipation, stomach upset, diarrhea, and more.
  • Achieve and maintain health by eating per your body constitution.


“My aim to help as many people as possible find health and vitality through the healing power of whole food, and natural remedies.”


Good News!  Supporters of Living Well With Dr. Michele have access to the course, “Healthy Gut Healthy Body Coaching“, based on Dr. Michele’s book, “It’s All About Your Gut!”  This is a 10-week course with exclusive content, and live Q and A sessions.  The value is $997! 

The community, Living Well With Dr. Michele, is all about living healthy and naturally.  Dr. Michele is the host, and holistic health coach to help you learn about essential oils, acupressure, sound healing, diet and more.

Members of this community have the opportunity to join in live-streaming classes, ask questions, contribute to the knowledge and more.  

The course, Healthy Gut Healthy Body, I mentioned above is regularly priced at $997 because it is packed full of information as a 10-week program.

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In health and healing,

Dr. Michele Arnold

Special Healing Carrot Soup

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