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Chinese Medicine

Patchouli Essential Oil


After the holiday’s my face likes to break out in blemishes. It’s mostly because of all the junk food I consume. The good thing is though, that I have dōTERRA Patchouli. I apply one to two drops of dōTERRA Patchouli to my favorite moisturizer to help promote a smooth, glowing complexion.

Patchouli has a rich, musky-sweet aroma and is regularly used in the perfume industry as well as in scented products such as laundry detergents and air fresheners. Besides its amazing fragrance, dōTERRA Patchouli has a wonderful grounding and balancing effect on emotions. Combined with Vetiver, can help calm emotions when applied to the bottom of feet. Also try dōTERRA Patchouli combined with Peppermint by applying to the forehead, temples, or back of the neck after a long day of work.

As a member of the mint family, Patchouli would make a great addition to your oral health routine. Try it as a mouth wash by checking out the link below:


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AromaTune™ Massage or MeridianTune Acupuncture

We use Meridian Tuning Forks that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of healthy chakra-meridian-organ systems.  Together they stimulate homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system for balance in the body and mind. (no insurance accepted for this service).

These forms of vibrational medicine harmonize and decongest the chakra-meridian systems.  Chakra-Meridian balancing has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system and internal Organs (as understood by Chinese Medicine).

Our chakras can become congested, over-stimulated or uncoordinated.  Restoring balance to your chakras helps with stress, emotional-wellbeing, pain and disease. 

Restore Balance and Harmony to Your Chakras with AromaTune Massage or Meridian Tuning.

AromaTune™ Massage 

AromaTune™ is Aromatherapy with Tuning Forks massage.  It is a gentle, safe and highly effective treatment method.  It utilizes the energetic frequencies of 100% pure essential oils with vibrational sound waves from tuning forks on Acupuncture points to stimulate homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system for balance in the body and mind.

Oils are chosen specifically that offer immune support, promote relaxation, stress relief, decrease pain and inflammation and lift the mood. 

You can learn more here.

The exact oils and tuning forks used may differ depending on your treatment needs.  

$125 for 45-60 minutes.

MeridianTune Acupuncture

 is a quicker version without the aromatherapy massage, and the focus is on the acupuncture, and reflex points.

$75 for 30-45 minutes.

Reasons to use vibrational tuning forks:

-General Tuning: Balance your meridian system and chakras (psycho-neuro-endocrine centers (PNE); balances nerves, brain, and hormones.  To Feel strong, powerful, and joyful by finding clarity, purpose, and passion in your life. Also, great for self-discovery, improved business and life passion.

-Cancer support and calming the mind, nausea, fatigue, insomnia.

-Body alignment, posture, nervous system reset.

-Brain, CNS support.

-Skin and hair rejuvenation.  Outward beauty and inner beauty.

-Anti-cellulite and Fat reduction.

-Acceleration of wound healing.

-Boosting and regulating the immune system for allergies, asthma, frequent illnesses.

-Support the lungs and respiratory system.

-Harmonize the liver and gall bladder with tension release, sense of purpose and direction.

-Fibromyalgia, Hypersensitivity to pain, multiple joint pain, chronic fatigue.

-Digestive and gastrointestinal support.

-Joints and bones.

-Hormone balance, male or female for infertility, menstrual complaints, PMS, menopause.

-Heart and circulation for hypertension, post-stroke, CHF.

-Balance emotions and emotionally related pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, nervousness, worry, addictions.


How Tuning Forks Work

The vibration of a tuning fork is felt as it resonates through muscle, bones, and organs creating entrainment.  This is synchronization of the body’s systems, organs, and tissues to the frequency of the fork reaching a harmonic natural rhythm. 

The treatment stimulates healing of tissue at the cellular level getting to the root cause of disharmony. 

It works because each of our tissues, organs and cells have their own frequency.  Musical instruments have varying sound waves, which penetrate the human body, causing vibrations within the cell.  Specific vibrations strengthen healthy cells while regenerating weaker cells. 

However, it is different from traditional music therapy, which uses signals received through the ears that focuses on the mind.  Tuning fork sound frequencies are received through the ears, skin, tissue, bones, organs and cells.  Therefore, it works on all three levels of the human body, which are the body, mind, and spirit. 

Tuning forks used for sound healing come in a variety of sets and frequencies.  By directing the sound waves of correct tuning forks at key acupuncture and reflexology points, the sound travels through the body to the appropriate organ, gland, bone, or tissue.  The healing frequency directs the body’s cells to tune up to their proper healthy pitch enabling them to function as they should. 


Testimonial:  Barbara R. says, “

I meant to send you a message last week to let you know my last appointment was awesome.

I am feeling rejuvenated, clear headed, calm and sleeping oh so good.  I definitely want to try again

in the new year.  Thanks so much!!

See you soon.”

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Happy New Year’s 2019

Wishing you the best in the upcoming new year 2019!

May your year be filled with success, happiness, and health.

Here is an essential oil blend to help you stay motivated, and on track to meet your goals for the new year.

2 drops lemon

2 drops grapefruit

2 drops wild orange

2 drops peppermint

Remember if you need our help please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Acupuncture is great for many reasons this year.


  •  Drug addiction recovery
  •  Alcohol recovery
  • Beginning a healthier lifestyle & Diet
  •  Quit smoking
  •  Other addictions you wish to quit,  such as coffee or sugar

This is an easy way to help you quit, detox, and maintain your abstinence from an addictive substance. You will not be questioned about your addiction. You will NOT be asked to talk about it. You will simply receive acupuncture in your ears.  Piece of cake.

Interestingly, heavy smokers tend to respond so well to this ear treatment that they may kick the habit after only one treatment. Seriously!



  •   Mental clarity
  •   Mental focus
  •   Concentration
  •   Intelligence

  •   Poor concentration
  •   Poor memory
  •   Easily distracted
  •   Spaciness


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To Your Health

Dr. Michele Arnold

Energy Medicine In A Nutshell


Five aspects of our lives, biological, social-behavioral, psychological, spiritual, and financial are affected by 3 levels of existence.  The 3 levels of existence are:

  1. Structural
  2. Chemical
  3. Energetic

Many severe illnesses or disease begin at the energetic level before they are detectable by modern medical science.  They may even stay at that level causing a significant amount of suffering and disability.  Balancing the Meridian-chakra energy systems addresses the root cause of most conditions.

Many can agree that amazing progress has been made by modern medicine taking care of the structural and bio-chemical components of disease. 

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda takes care of the human energy system, and it is a crucial part in integrative medicine.

For instance, in acute trauma to a person’s low back and leg from a skiing accident, the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones may be involved.  This may be noticed by the naked-eye clinically, or by an X-ray machine.  However, there are also bio-chemical reactions and inflammation taking place as well.  These may be noticed via scientific laboratory examination of the person’s blood sample.  

There is also an energetic interruption of the Qi-energy meridian-chakra system causing pain or illness.  Although invisible, the meridians are essential to keep the body functioning and alive.  If we don’t recognize the energetic patterns of dysfunction at the meridian level, and treat accordingly, we are not able to heal the patient effectively, and entirely. 

Western Medicine uses heroic, and drastic treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceutical medications, or surgery.  These may be helpful to treat structural, bio-chemical or physiological symptoms, but they can generate unwanted side-effects due to their negative effect on the meridian system.

Acupuncture can help reduce side-effects and enhance the outcomes of conventional therapies.  Acupuncturists can detect energetic disruptions and provide a clinical picture for understanding the disharmony.  Energetic homeostasis is when people can feel their emotions as appropriate per the situation and company, and feel content, and even-keeled most of the time.

From, The Qi-Life: Live A Better Life Pain Free Naturally, by Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle, soon be on Amazon.

What are Chakra Energy Centers, and Why Are They Important to Your Health?

What are Chakras

Chakras are swirling vortexes of psycho-neuro-endocrine (PNE) bio-electric energy located along our anterior and posterior midline.  It’s easier to just call these energy centers chakras!  The chakras are part of Ayurveda Medicine, from India.  Traditional Chinese Medical and Ayurvedic Medical systems have much overlap, and work together in harmony.  The chakras correlate to major acupuncture points along the midline of the body.  Both systems help stimulate, move or clear blockages of negative energy. 

The chakra energy centers are responsible for carrying or releasing stored memories, emotional or physical trauma.

There are 7 main chakras and 21 minor chakras (if we include the eyes and scapula there are 25).  The chakras are the root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, brow, and crown.  The minor chakras are bilateral consisting of the feet, hands, elbows, knees, groin-gonads, clavicles, intercostals, ears-jaw, shoulders, navel, and one spleen chakra found only on the left side below the rib cage.  Some sources consider the eyes and scapula to be minor chakras as well.

Chakras Regulate Hormones, Glands, Thoughts and Feelings

Each of the main 7 chakras are associated with one of the nine endocrine glands, a group of nerves called a plexus, and a band of connective tissue called fascia. From these, Neuropeptides are released in response to our thoughts and feelings.  Thoughts and emotions of anger, joy, worry, grief, or fear have their own identifiable frequencies.  That’s how your body knows which neuropeptide to release.

Whether pain or disease stems from an emotional or spiritual disharmony or not, both physical or emotional trauma as well as behavioral or mental habits are stored in our musculature, and connective tissue called fascia, creating tension, blocking circulation, which can lead to pain or disease.  Sometimes it’s a direct connection from acute assault to the body or it develops over time. 

Some people define this as stress, which is a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.  Stress can come from external physical trauma, overloading, repetitive strain, poor posture, contracted and inflexible muscles, lack of physical exertion, inflammation from poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, infections from bacteria, viruses, yeast, or fungi.  There is also the mental aspect of overthinking, worry, anger, sadness, fear, negative outlook, and emotional imbalances.

Restore Balance and Harmony to Your Chakras

Our chakras can become congested, over-stimulated or uncoordinated.  Restoring balance to your chakras helps with stress, emotional-wellbeing, pain and disease. 

We use forms of vibrational medicine to harmonize and decongest the chakra-meridian systems.  Chakra-Meridian balancing has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system and internal Organs (as understood by Chinese Medicine).  

There are two types of vibrational energy medicine we use.  There is Energy-Light Acupuncture and AromaTune Acupuncture

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