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Body-Mind Tuning Class July 13-22

I am so excited about the upcoming class on July 13th! It seems so far away. Due to my son’s high school graduation, 18th birthday, and the Fourth of July, the 13th of July seems like the best date.

What is Body-Mind Tuning? It was formerly known as the Chakra Series. It is a meditation using the qualities of an essential oil to balance the emotions and mood along with vibrational sound from a tuning fork.  The root of all disharmonies begins from an emotional impact or thought. They become stuck in different areas of our bodies. This class will help you get to the root cause so the stuck energy can open up creating more Qi flow and blood circulation. It is a fun, relaxing way to start feeling rejuvenated, calm, and pain free!

  • We will use the essential oil of peppermint. If you don’t have peppermint, use spearmint, marjoram, lavender, or use your favorite. 
  • If you don’t have any essential oils, you can use a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil. You can even use crushed fresh peppermint leaves.  
  • We will use a weighted tuning fork of either Ohm 136.1 or Otto 128 Hz.
  • If you don’t have a tuning fork yet, you can use your fingers or a retracted ball point pen.
  • You can also use the sound of your voice and hum the sound, “Ohm”. It nicely vibrates your rib cage.
  • You will also listen to the sound of Solfeggio tuning forks as I sound them for you as you create energetic connections for mind-body balancing.

Watch a sample of the Body-Mind Tuning Class here. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to see you there! Please spread the word about my class, and the community on my lifestyle, and mind-body website at 

New online body-mind wellness courses and community

  • Living Well Dr Michele Academy


Academy of Online Body-Mind Wellness Courses, Community, and Sound Healing.

Lifestyle and Body-Mind Wellness Starts Here

I am so happy to be able to reach more people and make a bigger difference by sharing what you can do for yourself in your own home. Even if you don’t see me in my local Poway acupuncture clinic I can still help.

I have a new lifestyle and body-mind wellness website. You will find the right on-demand courses, programs, Live-webinars, podcast, eBooks, and health channel community to meet your healthcare needs. You will discover natural methods for healing and staying healthy.

Finally, I found a hosting platform to keep everything all in one place. Here are a few examples of what you can find on the website:

The Ultimate Guide to Using Essential Oils

In this video tutorial, Dr. Michele discusses what are essential oils, how do they work, and the most common methods of using them. She covers some of the most commonly used essential oils, and the benefits of each. She shares her own insights, experience, and tips that makes this tutorial so unique.

Body-Mind Tuning

Dr. Michele listening to Ohm unison

Follow along with Dr. Michele in a meditation using an essential oil, and a tuning fork to bring awareness to thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors at the root cause of congestion in different areas of your body. 


Rejuvenate the soul first; then rejuvenation of the heart, mind, and body will follow. -Dr. Zhi Gang Sha from Soul Power Series Tao I.

  • Calm the feeling of overwhelm.
  • Feel grounded and confident.
  • Release pent of emotions
  • Improve Qi-energy and blood circulation.
  • Heal your spirit

A Subscription Health Channel

Your Place for Natural Healing!

Discover how to use food as medicine, eat healthier, how to use essential oils, and Body-mind tuning with sound vibration from tuning forks. These are natural ways to boost your body’s own innate healing abilities.

  • Includes the Body-Mind Tuning live-streaming class
  • This is a safe, secure forum
  • FREE health tips,
  • Exclusive online classes, live-streaming events, videos.
  • Exclusive content.
  • Exclusive video tutorials for muscles and joints.

It is a place where you can have direct support from holistic health experts, as well as community support.

Learn More Now!

Feel better with acupressure points for fingers and hands

Are you experiencing swelling or joint pain in your knuckles or fingers?

Whether your symptoms are from arthritis or from eating too much salt you can feel the benefits of using these points right away.

They can benefit finger, knuckle and hand swelling, joint pain, and saggy, wrinkled skin.

They are called Ba Xie or “Upper eight evils”. There are 4 points on each hand.

Watch the video below where Michele, Doctor of Acupuncture shows you how to use them.

Get Rid of Stuffy or Runny Nose Symptoms Naturally

Are you feeling terrible? Do you have a stuffy or runny nose? See how Dr. Michele, Acupuncturist uses acupressure and oils to help ease some symptoms naturally.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Post your questions and comments below the video.

I hope this helps give you some ideas of ways you can feel better quickly!

Happy Holidays 2021 and New Year!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


May you and your family have a very merry holiday season and happy New Year!

With the approaching the holiday season, Dr. Michele Arnold at Acupuncture Center, Inc., would like to thank those that have made our success possible. Thank you for continuing to support us and may your holiday season be filled with joy and good health!

From your acupuncturist, Dr. Michele Arnold



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