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Happy July 4th and Why you should eat summertime fruit

https://www.wellwithdrmichele.com/blog/213511/benefits-of-eating-summer-fruit-on-4th-of-july Happy 4th of July…

Posted by Well With Dr Michele on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Chakra Workout online

Stay Home, Get Healthy, HAVE FUN!

chakra balancing with oils


Virtual Chakra Series Online Workshops

Next live-streaming class is Wednesday April 29th at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
Location:  Your living room!

  • Each week we will practice some of the same balancing techniques, as well focusing on different chakra-meridian systems.
  • This week’s class we will be focusing on acupressure for the face and the Throat and Brow Chakras.

The throat chakra associations are the neck, jaw, and shoulders, and abdomen.  The brow  chakra is responsible for the area on the face just above the eyebrows to the nose.  A balanced throat and brow chakra can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, droopy skin, eye bags, as well as eye strain, stress, anxiety, shoulder or neck pain.

Many acupuncture points begin and end on the face.  Using these points helps to relax the jaw, relieve neck tension, stimulate facial muscles, tighten skin, and soothe symptoms of allergies, headaches, and stress.

There are also reflexive areas on the face that reach the whole body for systemic effects.

Reflex areas on the face

There are new ways that we can continue to work together!
I would love to teach you the best ways you can use Q–Gong breathing exercises, essential oils, acupressure, and sound healing to balance your meridians, chakras, and energy systems.
Anyone can learn with easy to follow steps.  Click the link below to find out more about chakras and energy medicine.  How can it help you?

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The Corona Virus (Covid-19) is an alarming problem right now that we all need to be diligent and conscientious about for our own safety, and for others.  However, we can do more than wait and isolate.  We can help ourselves by boosting our immune systems.  We can do that with essential oils, sound healing, and acupressure on the chakra-meridian points.  We will do it together during the class.
Workshops can be purchased with a payment that works best for you.

Just a gentle reminder that increasing the body’s ability to fight disease is the ultimate solution to every virus or disease threat.  This includes boosting the immune system, reducing pain and inflammation, and supporting mental and spiritual health.  Seek healthcare rather than sick care.  Most of which requires self-care methods!

Now is the time to make lifestyle changes, and other challenges such as changing how you think about pain, your emotional outlook, maintaining movement and exercise.  Why not have fun while you’re doing it?

I can help you do that much easier through online workshops that will give you the tools you need.  The workshops may consist of how-to videos, pdf downloads, worksheets, webinars and live streaming communication via Facebook or zoom.us. 

*If you can’t make it, you’ll receive a live-recording to practice at your own convenience.  *The recording will be available for 6 days before it’s taken down. Let me know directly if for some reason you were unable to watch in a timely fashion so that I can send you the direct link.

During these workshops, we will move through self-care methods you can use at home.  Together, over a live video presentation you will discover… 

  • Your Chakra-Meridian Diagnosis/Disharmony 
  • Utilize the power of acupressure,
  • Essential oils,
  • Qi gong exercises, deep breathing
  • Sound healing, or
  • Simply connecting in a supportive conversation.

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Happy Easter Sunday

Easter Bunny with facemask
Happy Easter from Dr. Michele and Dr. Tracey

Easter Eggs

Colored Bright

Hidden in a Basket

For your kids delight

Donned with a mask and gloves

The bunny hops six feet high

Jumps six feet away

Social Distancing to keep the Corona virus at bay

to be sure he delivers his brightly colored eggs

on this Easter day

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday.

The Secret to Living Pain Free and Happy


The Pain Elimination Blueprint.

The Secret to Living Pain Free and Happy!


Eliminate chronic pain without drugs or side effects!

This is the best time to focus on your health, joint pain and inflammation.  Chinese Medicine is primarily about lifestyle with acupuncture being just a small aspect.  It is used to support your body with all of the other wellness regimes you are doing!  Don’t let excuses stop you, because that is procrastination in disguise.  I’m here to help!

Join my online course.  There is ongoing enrollment, where you can join at any time.  You will have lifetime access to the course!

Hurry because Live Webinars begin April 6th.  The date and time of the live webinars will be announced in PST.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it.  It will be recorded, and you can watch at your own convenience. I am aiming for a time on Monday April 6th at 2:00 pm, but I will send out a confirmation announcement.

This is for You if you’re thinking, “How can I get rid of my back pain”?  Or, “I’m sick and tired of my joints aching, and feeling stiff”!…

Sign-Up Here or to Learn More!

What are you doing to benefit your immune system?