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Patience is a Virtue Acupuncture can Help


On Sunday mornings sometimes I like to watch “The Sunday Morning Show” on CBS.

This morning the opening piece was about patience and its affect on our health.

Dr. Amit Sood was interviewed by Berry Peterson about his research on impatience at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

“Impatience is not simply the opposite of patience, Sood explained.

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Four Ways Frankincense Soothes The Soul 

Four ways Frankincense soothes the soul in Chinese Medicine is by serving the Heart-Fire energy to experience love and joy, the Kidney-Water energy to face fears, feel safe, and trust others, and Liver-Wood energy to  lift the spirit, find purpose, clarity, and to move stuck energy that creates the feeling of depression.

Frankincense brings unity to your desires, dreams, and

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