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Four Ways Frankincense Soothes The Soul 

Four ways Frankincense soothes the soul in Chinese Medicine is by serving the Heart-Fire energy to experience love and joy, the Kidney-Water energy to face fears, feel safe, and trust others, and Liver-Wood energy to  lift the spirit, find purpose, clarity, and to move stuck energy that creates the feeling of depression.

Frankincense brings unity to your desires, dreams, and intentions rather than incoherent separate ideas.  This resin protects our vital energies and our core selves to soothe our soul.
Frankincense is often referred to as, “The holy oil”, by promoting a spiritual connection to the divine.   A drop or two on the bottom of the feet and the back of the neck can help calm hyperactivity, nervousness, and irritability while enhancing focus and concentration.

There are four known ways that frankincense soothes the soul, which benefits the Kidney-Water, Liver-Wood, and Heart-Fire energies of Chinese Medicine.  

1.  Brings hope and lifts your spirit.

It is a cleanser of spiritual darkness to bring you out of emotional despair and despondency. A great place to apply frankincense to heighten its spirit lifting qualities is on an acupuncture point called Du-20-One Hundred Meetings.

One Hundred Meetings is located on the top of your head on the mid-line from the lines drawn from tips of ears, and center of nose. How to apply the oil for the best effects  is to place a drop onto your index finger, and while parting your hair, touch the spot and hold for 30 seconds, then lightly rub in clockwise fashion.

The name of the point essentially means it summons the wisdom of your ancestors.  Gives a better or different perspective, which ultimately lifts the spirit. This also lifts you up when things are sinking mentally or physically as in hemorrhoids.

In addition, you can use acupuncture Point Ren 6-Sea of Qi.  It is found just below the belly button.

This point accesses deep energy and spreads it throughout the body for emotional, mental fatigue or burn out.  This point is especially good when one is bogged down mentally or spiritually with negativity, depression, and an inability to do anything.  You feel like you can’t sleep, eat, digest your food, as if you were dead inside.

For myself, I know that if I’m ever feeling blue, placing a few drops in the diffuser makes me feel happier right away.  Sometimes I combine it with lemon or wild orange, which smells fantastic.

2.  Helps you Keep appropriate boundaries for yourself, and to surround yourself with good people.

It aids in proper discernment so that you can see the truth, true colors of others, and recognize falsehoods.  This helps you attract the right people into your life while keeping toxic people at bay.

Apply onto the back of your neck and acupuncture point YinTang-Called Seal Hall.  It is also known as your third eye.  It is Located on your forehead midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows.

This point helps bring clarity and intuition as well as emotional balance, stress release, and promotes restful sleep.  Apply a drop with your finger, hold for 30 seconds, then gently rub in clockwise direction.

One of my patients recently was complaining that her son has been surrounding himself with “bad” kids and getting into trouble. He was also feeling bad about himself because these so called friends never have anything nice to say, and only criticize.  There are other boys he knows that are fun to be around that have positive energy.  She wondered why he doesn’t choose to surround himself with them instead?

We talked, and she decided to use frankincense applied onto One Hundred Meetings, Third Eye, and the back of his neck every evening. I was happy to hear two weeks later that he declared to her, “I’m not hanging out with so and so anymore and those guys.  They were never my real friends anyway”.  She told me she was happy that he has instigated new friendships, and reported, “He has been happier, and easier to get along with!”

3.  Have improved problem solving and coping skills.

It helps you see that there are solutions to your problem, and good advice is welcomed, and stop giving excuses for not taking the steps you need to.

Rub a few drops onto he base of your skull, which will ultimately cover acupuncture point Urinary Bladder 10-Heavenly Pillar.  The oil rubbed along this point promotes the ability to find inner strength to face your fears, and cope with present challenges.

You can also apply onto your third eye as described above.

Another patient of mine comes for treatment because he feels stressed over the many conflicts he has with people both at work and at home.  He has also run into a new challenge at work, which would require him to take on more responsibility.  The problem he said, was, “How can I make it work, and not create more tension between co-workers?”

His homework was to apply frankincense oil across heavenly pillar, third eye, and heart center (on center of breast bone in line with nipples) every morning and evening.  He stated a few days later that he solved the problem for himself one evening after applying the oil and lying quietly for a half hour.

4.  Realize that you’re not alone.

Feel loved and supported deep down, from not only other people, but also feel loved by the heavenly Father or Supreme Being of your faith.  It Brings forth your spiritual connection to the higher power. Resolves deep mental, emotional, and spiritual fatigue.  A great place to apply the oil is onto Ren 17-Within the Breast.  This is located on the center of your breast bone on the line between the two nipples.  The oils applied here washes away weariness and fatigue.  It promotes a connection to the feeling of joy and love. One person I know swears by this application when she feels lonely, and as if she is the only one going through turmoil.  She also placed the oil onto One Hundred Meetings, and the bottom of her feet.

Other Facts about Frankincense:

It comes from resinous trees and shrubs (Burseraceae) family, its botanical name is Boswellia frereana, Boswella carteri, Boswella sacra.

The Thermal energy is warm, with a rich, deep, dark, sweet, balsamic like fragrance, reminiscent of incense.  Scent level is a base note.  It is known for its ability to help congestion, calm emotions, reduce water retention.

Can be applied NEAT.  Enjoy as a dietary supplement placing 1-2 drops under the tongue, in a capsule, or dilute 1 drop in 1 tsp. honey, or in 4 oz. milk based fatty beverage.  Never feed honey to children under one year of age.

Frankincense is considered one of the most widely used popular essential oils.  When in doubt of what to use, use frankincense!

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