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Our Services

At Acupuncture Center, Inc. we help many people like you, who want to manage their pain, and…

  • Find Ultimate Health & Vitality
  • Free of pain 
  • Improved mental clarity and a calm mind
  • Without side-effects

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many types of therapies that help balance and free blocked Qi-energy based on your constitutional Five-Element Diagnosis.  Doctors of Chinese Medicine find and address the root causes of imbalance rather than cover up the symptoms.  The most well known therapies of Chinese Medicine are acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  Our goal is to make natural solutions a way of life by making them accessible, available, and sustainable.  We hope that Acupuncture, Essential Oils, and Herbal Medicine will become more commonly used as a first line of care rather than a last resort.  The positive results will be less overall healthcare costs to you, less time out from work or recreational activities, and a higher quality of life.

Just take a look at the Therapies we offer

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