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What does a healthy body constitution look like?

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What should healthy look like?

The first body type is what we all aspire to maintain. It is called…

Balanced Body Type: Healthy Spleen-Pancreas Qi-Digestion

It is a healthy state with a balance between your internal and external environment known as yin and yang. All your five-element meridian-organ systems are functioning optimally.  These are:

  • Lung and Large intestine
  • Spleen-pancreas and Stomach
  • Heart and small intestines
  • Triple warmer/connective tissue and pericardium
  • Kidneys and bladder
  • Liver and Gall Bladder

Each organ system relates to our environment in how symptoms and signs of disease or health manifest in our bodies physically and psychologically.

Individuals with a balanced body type have a strong physique, emotionally and mentally stable with positive outlook. They often present with lustrous complexion, hair and nails, bright eyes, good hearing, proper senses of smell and taste, red and moist lips, not fatigued easily, good sleep and appetite, healthy weight, normal bowel, and urinary habits. They are adaptable to environmental changes.  They also are free from pain, and disease.  They are able to move their bodies without trouble.

Apart from congenital diseases most imbalanced body constitutions can  be improved with proper diet, exercise, and frame of mind.

The concept of constitutional body types is widely utilized in the practice of Acupuncture Medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Constitutional diagnosis is confirmed through a set of signs and symptoms for different patterns of disharmony between the Meridian-Organ systems. Knowing your pattern of disharmony or constitution is an important process for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Understanding your body constitution can be very helpful for choosing the best foods, herbs, and lifestyle for you.

Using your body constitution is the best way for disease prevention and maintaining a healthy regimen.

Body constitution can be divided into nine types, named as neutral-Balanced, Qi-weakness, yang-weakness, yin-weakness, blood stasis, phlegm-damp-cold, damp-heat, Qi stagnation and special wind constitution.

Stay-tuned to learn more about each body type.  What would each look like in reference to a digestive complaint like irritable bowel (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?  

Physical manifestations of patterns are not constant. The body’s condition can change due to living environment, mental state, diet, physical activities, or diseases.   For some conditions we can take active measures to help bring our body back to   a healthy state.

Our mission to help you return to and maintain your health naturally. 

Understand how a foundational diet based on the balanced principles of Acupuncture Medicine can help you have better gut health.

“It is what you do for yourself every day that really makes a difference in your health”!

Join the movement for a healthier happier you!

Details coming soon about Dr. Michele’s online course,

“It’s All About Your Gut! A Healthy Gut Healthy Body.”



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