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Ways to use Color Therapy for Chakra-Energy Balancing

chakra colorsChakra-energy Centers and Color spectrum

Charkas are said to output different array of colors depending on the chakra, like the colors of the rainbow.  Color and sound directly impact these energy centers because each chakra has a specific frequency that correlates with the color and tone.  When out of balance, the correct sound and color will help it to resonate and tune-up to the correct vibrational frequency.

When in harmony the following is a list of the native color of each chakra. 

The following are various ways to incorporate color healing into your life.  Pick one or more ways that resonate with you.

Using color to heal with Colored Lighting

You can use a bedside or standard lamp and a colored light bulb relevant to your need. Place the lamp so that it will shine on the area of your body that requires healing for a few minutes at a time. You can use a lamp with a shade, and cover with a colored silk scarf.  Be sure the silk doesn’t contact the bulb-no fires please!

*In my practice at Acupuncture Center, Inc., I use Color-light therapy with a gentle micro-current for healing effects in my Energy-Light Facial Rejuvenation or Vibrational Healing services with micro-current and color-light (MEA).

Using color with Colored Silks

Silk is the finest material for the transmission of color energies.

Find a warm, sunny location in your home.

Play your favorite relaxing music.

While completely undressed drape a large piece of multi-colored silk or silk of your desired color over your body and lay down in the sunlight, allowing its rays to penetrate your body through the silk for fifteen to thirty minutes.

Using color to heal with Color Breathing, Visualization and Meditation

Color breathing utilizes the focus of the mind combined with breathing to aid the healing process. Do not stress if it does not work the first time, take your time and keep trying.  It takes practice.

Sit comfortably and visualize the color relevant to your need.

Breathe gently and deeply through your nose and exhale out through the mouth.

Imagine that each breath you take is slowly and softly absorbing a color of light into your body.

Allow your senses to feel the full effects of the breathing and use your mind to visualize its penetration of the body.

Sense the fulfillment of the color breathing.

After a few minutes of this breathing, return to your normal breathing pattern.

Red breathing is for increasing willpower, vitality and sexuality.

Orange breathing is for happiness, laughter and fun.

Yellow breathing is for expanding intellectual powers and concentration.

Green breathing is for gentle cleansing and balancing.

Blue breathing is for peace and inner harmony.

Violet breathing is for improving self-esteem and for deepening self-knowledge.

Magenta breathing is to release addictive patterns.

Pink breathing is for opening the ability to love and be loved.

Turquoise breathing is for strengthening the emotions and the immune system.

Using Colors of Food for optimal nutrition-is one of the most important ways to use color!

Chinese Medicine is known for balancing the five-elements of nature.  These five-elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Each has a color associated with it along with organs and glands.

Because this is such an important part of using color it will be covered in a future post so stay tuned!

If you want to experience Chakra-Color Therapy Book your appointment now!

Elite Acupuncture Color Light
micro-current color-light (MEA)
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