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Ten things to tell yourself to ease anxiety and to feel good about yourself

strong happy peopleWeekly Health Tip from Dr. Michele

Ease anxious feelings and feel good about yourself using a Mantra.

A mantra is a statement, a short sentence of few words that you can repeat out loud or whisper softly to yourself.

It is always said in the positive, without using words such as no, not, doesn’t, without.  Also, it is said as if it already is so.

It can be done during meditation, or whenever you need to.  

Feeling good about yourself should come from within.  Stop putting yourself down and second-guessing every decision you make.

Here are some examples:


1.  I can do it.  I do it.

2.  With this breath I release anything that no longer serves me. (If you have something weighing heavy on your shoulders repeat this mantra until you feel released).

3. I respect the limits of my body.  (you don’t have to push yourself past your limitations.  Be easier on yourself).

4. I cherish the importance of silence.  (Sometimes a few moments of silence can do wonders for my soul).

5. I choose positive thoughts.

6. I matter.  I am important.  My needs and desires matter.

7. I am free to be myself.

8. I Feel the fear and do it anyway. (Allow the sensations of fear to what they are, you can do it anyway.  Fear doesn’t stop me.

9.  Other people feel this too.

10.  It’s not about me.  Their perception, interpretation, or reaction to what I do or say is about them, not about me.  What I think about myself is more important than what others think of me.

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