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shoulder pain relieved by acupuncture


Shoulder pain and acupuncture Blog Banner by Michele Arnold
“Acupuncture relieves shoulder pain, inflammation, and range of motion impingement. Researchers from the Yuxi Hospital of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) investigated the efficacy of acupuncture for the treatment of acute shoulder periarthritis. Commonly known as frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, this condition is an inflammatory disorder of the rotator cuff and surrounding tissues that leads to pain and immobility of the shoulder. The investigation reveals that acupuncture has a total effective rate exceeding 90%.”

It is of no surprise to me to read about positive findings in studies of acupuncture and shoulder pain.  The following was posted from Health CMI, where I frequently receive some news and updates.

One of the problems I treat quite frequently in my acupuncture clinic is shoulder pain.  It isn’t surprising to me that many people with chronic shoulder pain also suffer from feelings of anxiety and/or digestive issues like bloating, gas, pain, IBS, ulcerative colitis, or leaky gut syndrome.  From an Acupuncture Meridian perspective the root of the problem is in the channels that circulate around the scapula and shoulder joint.  The large Intestine, Triple Warmer, Small Intestine, and Lung channels have a relationship with the surrounding rotator cuff muscles.  These channels also influence our digestive organs and glands.  Good health begins in the gut even for muscle and joint pain.


The feelings and emotions associated with the stomach, Large Intestine contribute to our way of being.  Clenching the jaw when thinking, bruxism or grinding your teeth, holding shoulders and chest tight with rolled forward posture are all signs of an imbalance in one or more of these channels.


In my practice I use a combination of local motor points for the muscles involved, as well as targeting points to relieve underlying emotional-spiritual balance.  It seems to work like a charm!  So don’t wait if you have any type of shoulder pain, inflammation, or limitation. Schedule your appointment today!

Dr. Michele Arnold, doctor of Acupuncture Medicine.

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