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Pain Free Happy Formula

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Eliminate chronic pain, balance hormones, have more energy, lift depressive and anxious feelings
without drugs or side-effects!

The focus is at harmonizing and reducing stress at the Energetic Level of the mind-body, which is the root cause of illness and pain. 

What is Stress?

Stress is any ‘stress’ put on the body. It isn’t just mental stress or anguish.  It disturbs our energetic balance by generating dysfunction and weakening the body.  

If we react to, and handle daily stresses more effectively, and appropriately, our Qi-energy and blood circulation will be flowing smoothly enabling us to be pain free, healthy, and recover quickly when ill.

stresses are put on our bodies at three different levels.  There is the physical/structural, chemical, and energetic levels of being.  Most of us ignore the energetic level, which keeps us in chronic pain.

Enhance Your Energetic Level

One way to get to the root of disease, unhappiness, and pain is by enhancing one’s emotional-spiritual well-being.  This is taking care of ourselves at the energetic level.  The other two levels are the physical/structural, and chemical levels.   

Many severe illnesses or disease begin at the energetic level before they are detectable by modern medical science. They may even stay at that level causing a significant amount of suffering and disability.

Many can agree that amazing progress has been made by modern medicine taking care of the structural and bio-chemical components of disease.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine takes care of the human energy system, and it is a crucial part in integrative medicine.

How Trauma Affects the Energetic Level

For instance, in acute trauma to a person’s low back and leg from a skiing accident, the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones may be involved at the physical-structural level.  This may be noticed by the naked eye clinically, or by an X-ray machine. 

However, there are also bio-chemical reactions and inflammation taking place as well.  These may be noticed via scientific laboratory examination of the person’s blood sample.  This is the chemical-mental level. 

There is also an energetic interruption of the Qi-energy meridian-chakra system causing pain or illness.  This can come from conscious or subconscious emotional responses, memories, motivational, behavioral or mental habits.

In terms of the skiing accident mentioned above, an individual may develop protective guarding of his or her back and leg.  Overtime, they might not even recognize that they are still doing it.  

A new way of movement to get the job done has been established because the brain learns the new way, and it doesn’t revert to the old-correct way once healed.  Some muscles are now tight or contracted while others are weak when they shouldn’t be.  

There may be an underlying fear of injuring the back again, which keeps one from moving the affected area correctly, and with correct posture.  Fear, lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, or  easily startled, may become apparent as part of this person’s persona, or they expressed a sense of fear all along. 

These habits, memories, and behavior are stored in our musculature, and connective tissue called fascia, creating tension, blocking circulation, which can lead to pain or disease.  Sometimes it’s a direct connection from acute assault to the body or it develops over time.

Our Spirit, Hormones, Emotions, and Underlying Health

I like to think of this as a bio-electric current that is the spark that drives everything, like a light switch.  This is also the spirit that emanates throughout our bodies.  It is visible in the “sparkle in the eyes”, and healthy complexion of our skin and hair.  It is the energy created and used during digestion, metabolism, breathing, and physical exertion at the cellular level. 

It is who we are, our personality that is derived from both biological and environmental factors.

Healthy emotions ebb and flow between positive feelings, positive responsive emotions and distressed feelings.

They express a visceral autonomic response of the autonomic nervous system.

The basis of diagnosing the appropriate pattern of disharmony comes from a chart Below.

Five-Elements in Chinese Medicine.

Emotions and Five-Elements

Synergistic positive feelings are the appropriate expression related to the visceral organs and glands. 


  1. Joyfulness-Fire Element
  2. Empathy-Earth Element
  3. Openness/receptivity-Metal Element
  4. Trustiness-Water Element
  5. Assertiveness-Wood 

Negative Responsive emotions to internal or external stressors.

  1. Overjoy-Fire Element
  2. Anxiety-Earth Element
  3. Grief-Metal Element
  4. Fear-Water Element
  5. Anger-Wood Element

We can combine this knowledge with that of Chakras from Ayurvedic Medicine


Root Chakra-Physical complaints of lumbar, knee, foot pain.  Energetic qualities are expressed as fear, shock, deep emotional wounds, not feeling grounded.

Sacral Chakra-Physical complaints of sacral, hip, groin, gynecological, low libido, or urological problems.  Energetic expressions are co-dependence, unable to show feelings, low affect, selfishness.

Solar Plexus-Physical complaints of indigestion, diabetes, arthritis, IBS, liver disease, peptic ulcer, gall stones, leg and arm pain.  Psycho-emotional disturbances show as food or money issues, obsessive-compulsive, judgmental, critical, overthinking.

Heart Chakra-Physical complaints of heart disease, angina, coughing, neck pain, upper back, scapular pain, knee and elbow pain.  Psycho-emotional pain can show as insomnia, poor memory, apathy, over talkative, feeling isolated, feeling unloved, lacking compassion.

Throat Chakra-Pain and illness shows up in shoulders, lungs, thyroid, abdomen, and ears.  Energetically is it the power of expression.  When imbalanced there is shyness, stuttering, inability to express yourself, feeling as if you’re not heard. 

Brow Chakra-Physical pain or illness is expressed as sinus problems, skin irritation, headaches, left eye problems, OCD, stomach ulcers.  Psychological-emotional imbalance is seen as forgetful, fearful, doubtful, overly logical, superstitious, oversensitive, manipulative, or spacey.

Crown Chakra-Physical problems and illness affects the right eye, blood pressure, kidneys.  Emotional-psychological disharmonies exhibit as substance abuse, alcoholism, shame, self-denial, negative self-image, feeling disconnected from spirit, overly erotic, over imagination, craving sympathy.

The Energetic Meridian-Chakra System is Essential

Although invisible, the meridians and chakras are essential to keep the body functioning and alive. If we don’t recognize the energetic patterns of dysfunction at these levels, and treat accordingly, we are not able to heal effectively, and entirely.

Western Medicine uses heroic, and drastic treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceutical medications, or surgery. These may be helpful to treat structural, bio-chemical or physiological symptoms, but they can generate unwanted side-effects due to their negative effect on the meridian-chakra system.

Harmonizing the Five-Elements and Charka-Energy centers can help you reduce side-effects and enhance the outcomes of conventional therapies. Identifying the patterns of energetic disruptions can provide a clinical picture for understanding how to find balance.

Energetic homeostasis is when people can feel their emotions appropriate to situations, and feel content, and even keeled most of the time.  It is the ability to recover from emotional turmoil such as grief, anger, excitement and joy, fear and shock, or overthinking and worry.

With physical homeostasis, we can move and perform physical exertion without pain.  We experience regular complete bowel movements, healthy appetite with satisfaction after meals, pleasant taste in the mouth, feeling alert and clear headed, normal body weight, good muscle tone, feeling strong, active, stable with good endurance, plus the ability to recover when ill.


What you can do for self-care

What you can do

With proper direction and guidance from an expert in the field of energy medicine with our Health Programs you can easily recognize your own energetic constitutional imbalance.

And, when in good health, you can follow general principles to stay well.

The approach is to eat according to the Five-Elements and Chakras.  Foods and drinks are chosen or avoided depending on your category of imbalance.  There may be times for fasting or performing a body-gut detoxifying cleanse.

Next, there are specific movements and exercises that enhance each chakra and element.  The power of touch can be used to re-connect body and brain. 

Balancing the energetic level includes the use of your voice, breathing, setting the mind for intention and success, reflexology, color therapy, positive affirmations and mantras associated with each energy center.

The use of natural solutions, when appropriate, such as herbs, food, and essential oils can help you in all three levels of being.

Services and Programs

Our services and programs offered are designed to help you at this deep level of healing.

Become empowered in your own healthcare.

It is my goal to help you get to the root of your problem so you can feel happier, healthier, and more purposeful. 


Dr. Michele Arnold

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