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Mid Ohm Tuning Fork

About Ohm 136.10 Hz.

Listen to Ohm 136.10

Ohm tuning forkIt is often considered the primal sound whose primary function is to bring relaxation.

Ohm is the sound of the universe.  Listening to this sound will unite the listener with the original primordial vibration and supreme consciousness.

The entire universe was created from this sound.  The purest name of God in Hindu tradition is Ohm.  By listening to this sound, and singing it, you are taking in the name of God.

The mantra that is often repeated during meditation is Ohm, Om, or AUM.

It stimulates balance and healing along with reaching higher levels of consciousness.

When placed on the ends of the ribs, breast bone or sacrum it connects your body and mind.  It helps program positive thinking and affirmations to balance emotions and mental disorders.




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