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Happy Easter and an abundance in health and happiness


Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend! As always I wish you abundance in health and happiness.

Should you over indulge in a rich holiday meal, or taste too many sweet treats and candy I wanted to give you a few healthy recipes you can try to offset the sugar and fat.  This may also help offset the guilt as well!


Enjoy one of these at one of your mealtimes, or as a breakfast.  These smoothies make enough to share.  You can always cut them in half.

Metabolism Boost

Add to blender in this order

  1. 3 cups distilled water
  2. 1-inch piece of skinned ginger root
  3. juice of 1 lemon
  4. 2 pears pit removed.  
  5. 2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
  6. 2 stalks of celery, trimmed
  7. 3 cups of kale, stems removed

The skinny Minnie

Add to blender in this order

  1. 3 cups distilled water
  2. juice of 1 lemon
  3. 2 peaches pits removed
  4. 2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries
  5. 1 cucumber cut into chunks
  6. 3 cups kale, stems removed
  7. handful of parsley

These are only a few examples of ways you can use food as medicine!  If you would like more ideas, or you would like to be able to have ongoing support directly from me, Dr. Michele join the locals movement Living Well With Dr. Michele at

I am here for you for you when you need acupuncture care for pain relief, digestive support, and to ease anxiety and stress.  Make your appointment now Acusimple | Online Access

Happy Easter,

Dr. Michele Arnold

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