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Geranium Essential Oil Spotlight

Geranium is the “Oil of Self-Nourishment”.

It is often referred to as the poor man’s rose.  Love potions will often contain both rose and geranium.  What is noteworthy about geranium is its power to draw people in to you, as this is often seen as the oil of “self-nourishment.  When our souls and hearts feel mended, and we no longer neglect our own needs, suddenly our spirit is visible to attract others.

The best places to apply this oil to fulfill these properties is over the heart center, located on the breastbone, and upon the inner arches of the feet.

It can also help with physical complaints of blood sugar imbalances or poor skin quality.

A drop rubbed into the soles of the feet and the arches every night will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Add a drop to your facial lotion, or almond oil for a replenishing, rejuvenating skin supplement.


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