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How to Feel Your Best During This Holiday Season


We are all busy during this time of year.  Thus, there is no better time than now to address our immunity, digestion, stress, and emotional balance.

Here are some ways on how you can feel your best during this holiday season using Chinese Herbal teas (pharmaceutical grade concentrated herbal granule extracts) and Essential Oils (Use only CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils from doTERRA).

For Immune support, and transition from feeling lonely or sad

Cinnamon Tea (Gui Zhi Tang):  To support your immunity, and strengthen your metal-lung energy.  Dose 3g mixed with a cup of warm water once or twice per week (Build Immunity).

Frankincense, cardamom, OnGuard® Protective blend:  Diminish feelings of grief, loss, loneliness and move to a place of harmony with inspiration, purity, worthiness, responsibility, honesty, sincerity and feeling connected to the divine.  Apply over lung area, heart center (on center of breast bone), bottom of feet, over third eye (on forehead between eyebrows), or inhale the aroma.  

For Digestive Support, and transition from worry, anxious feelings, and lethargy

Six Gentlemen Decoction with Aucklandia (Xiang Xia Liu Jun Zi Tang):  To support healthy digestion, fluid metabolism, and nutrient absorption.  Dose 3g mixed with a cup of warm water three times per day.

Cinnamon, ginger and geranium:  Diminish feelings of neediness, worry, anxiety, brooding, obsession, domineering, intrusiveness, self-centered, sluggish, stuck, unmotivated, lethargy.  Move to a place feeling stable, grounded, nourished, motivated, sympathetic, with clear thinking, ability to study, and independence.  Apply over and under left rib cage, arch of feet, mid-line of upper and lower abdomen or smell the aroma.  Other oil ideas are:

DigestZen® digestive blend).  As needed to aid in digestive sluggishness or occasional stomach upset.

For rebellious stomach energy (which is going the wrong way up instead of down), or soothe symptoms associated with H. Pylori, try:

Ginger essential oil 2 to 4 drops to 1 cup of hot water

  1. Add 2 to 4 drops of ginger essential oil into the hot water.
  2. Allow it to stay for about 30 minutes.
  3. Stir the drink.
  4. Drink the mixture 20 minutes before your meal.

Precaution: Do not take aspirin for at least 2 hours after the intake of ginger

Peppermint essential oil, 1 drop to 1/2 tsp. organic raw apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. organic raw unpasteurized honey, mixed with a glass of warm water.  Sip slowly every morning before you eat or drink anything else.

Wild orange essential oil 1 drop mixed with 1 tsp. raw organic unpasteurized honey, added to warm water.

For constitutional support and transition from feelings of overwhelm

Eight Flavor Tea with Rehmannia (Ba Wei Di Huang Wan):  To reinforce Yang-vital function, generate warmth for constitutional and kidney support as well as growth, development, and proper aging.  Dose 3g mixed with warm water three times per day.

Douglas fir, white fir, and basil: Douglas fir is the oil from the Christmas tree, a symbol of new beginnings.  Together with white fir and basil diminish feelings of dread, fear, intimidation, and overwhelm.  Move to a space of resolve, drive, aspiration, will power, wisdom, endurance, appropriate fear, and courage.  Apply over adrenals, ovaries, lower chin, below belly button, bottoms of feet, spine, or back of the neck.


Support For Fat, Chemical Metabolism and Transition from feelings of frustration, anger, or repression

Rambling Powder (Xiao Yao Wan):  Harmonize functions of liver and spleen, relieve stagnation of vital Qi-energy of Liver, replenish blood.  Releases emotional constraint, irritability, frustration, depression, anger, short temper, resentment, stress, and poor coping abilities.  Dose 3g three times per day.

Thyme and Wintergreen:  Diminish feelings or behaviors of excessive or inappropriate anger, rage, violence, aggression, frustration, irritation, tension, controlling, inflexible, snapping, or disorganized.  Move to a place of creativity, innovation, organized planning, knowing direction, clear vision with determination to achieve goals, flexibility and able to adapt to circumstances, able to assert yourself, true to oneself.  Apply over right rib cage, top of foot on web between big and second toes.

For Warmth, Circulation, and Transition from feeling overstimulated, anxious, sad, or apathetic

Restore the Spleen Tea (Gui Pi Wan):  Help ease symptoms of withdrawal, forgetfulness, anxiety, worry, overthinking, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep.  Dose 3g morning and evening, take on an empty stomach for best effects.

Rosemary, ylang-ylang, clove, and rose:  Diminish feelings of apathy, loss of laughter, no joy, flat affect, discouragement, despondency, despair, nervous exhaustion, lack of intimacy, heart break, over-elation, over-excitement, overzealous, or panic.  Find space for loving and feeling loved, sharing, passion, and confidence.  Place oils over heart center, inner wrist and elbow creases, and third eye.

For your own customized herbal tea or your own doTERRA essential oils please call (858) 613-0792

Happy Holidays to you and your family

Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle


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