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Back to school and college bound


students compare notes on digital devicesMy office will be closed from Monday August 15 to Friday August 19th

To all students, education is valuable beyond measure

Education has a value

That sometimes cannot be quantified

If you ever doubt your journey

Look within, instead of looking outside

Deep inside your heart

Lie answers to all questions of life

No one else but you and your goals

Will keep you afloat in strife

Keep working hard

Focus on your long-term goal

It’s not the excuses that count

But the fire in your soul


Good luck in the start of a new year of school for this fall 2022!

     I would like to give a special shout out to my oldest son, Tyler Pirtle, who will begin his freshman year of college at Chico State University.

     ~Tyler, I am so proud of the young man that you have grown into. You are so smart, witty, handsome, athletic, and funny. You are the only one that can fix the TV, connect digital devices, put things together, so I don’t know how we are going to survive without you!

It’s unbelievable how time flies. It seems like yesterday when you were so excited to begin kindergarten. You really wanted to take the school bus, wear a backpack, and eat school lunches. 

By high school you no longer loved school lunches, you detested them. Wearing a backpack was a pain. You drove yourself to school along with your younger brother. Something I was more than happy to be relieved of. Driving kids to school!

Now, we are going to be moving you off to college. I have to remind myself, that no this isn’t just like packing for summer camp. He is moving out. Tyler, you seem fearless, ready to start a new journey. The only things you believe you need to take with you are your clothes, shoes, PlayStation, laptop, and golf clubs, Lol.  I tell myself that the first holiday break is not too far off. He will be home to visit for a whole week in November!

Whatever your education brings I know in my heart that you Tyler Pirtle will succeed. Your goals, ideas, likes, and dislikes may change over time. I would like to tell you to not be afraid of change. Decisions for some people are difficult. For some they are easy. Many young adults have a hard time figuring out what they want to do for a career. They aren’t sure what their major in college should be.  Some know from a very young age. What may be the difference is the fear of making a mistake. The fear of making the wrong choice. I remember feeling like, “How do I know what it is that I want to do”?  The only wrong decision is a decision never made.  Thus, decide and make a choice. Go for it. The path can vary along the way. You never know where it may take you.  There may be ups and downs in life of course. I will always be there for you whenever you need me. 

~To my peeps, I imagine that our dog, Duffy may pass out when he sees Tyler again in November. He loves Tyler the most. His younger brother, Luke says that he can’t wait. He won’t miss Tyler at all. I know that I will not miss the grumpy old men like bickering between them. However, as much as they bicker, they joke. They laugh, they share dumb videos, and pictures. They know the same guys from school or sports. They have both played baseball, and golf together for years. They are always talking about sports and using the lingo that you don’t understand unless you are into it. My assessment is that within a few weeks they will both miss each other tremendously. I was not surprised that Tyler chose to major in business marketing. He told me that he plans to focus on marketing anything to do with sports like golf, and baseball. For now, he has learned how to make a really mean pizza at Marco’s Pizza. To my dismay, he was not required to do any cleaning! He did learn how to take phone and dine-in orders, collect payment, provide customer service, understand a little about food cost, ordering supplies, ingredients, and make a good pizza. He brought home a couple of his own pizza creations one with red onion, bell pepper, sausage, white sauce, and parmesan, the other I think had all possible toppings ever thought of! 

     ~Tyler and all college freshman-College life I imagine will be just the beginning of adulting. May you have a good college experience along with studying, cooking, cleaning, shopping, working, finances, and being self-reliant.  Most of all, I hope it brings some fun, laughter, good friends, and great memories.

*We are going to Chico for the week of August 15 to the 19th to move Tyler into his dorm for college. I will be back in the office on Monday August 22nd.

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If you need acupuncture while I am away, I highly recommend Dr. Tracey Whitney in Poway. 

Send me a message, and I will text you her phone number. 


In Health and Healing Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle

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