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Ancient Healing for Modern People

Ancient Healing for Modern People:  Food, Herbs & Essential Oils to Detox, Cleanse & Rejuvenate the Body, Mind & Soul

By Michele Arnold-Pirtle, DACM, L.Ac.

This book is designed to be used by both laypeople as well as holistic health practitioners and acupuncturists. This can serve as a resource and guide for dietary guidelines and suggestions per individual constitutional meridian body types. Enjoy a 10-day essential body detox and gut restoration program.  Once completed continue with a healthy Spleen-Qi diet (balanced) or per your meridian body type for long-term health and vitality. What is it? Begin with a 10-day essential body detox and gut restoration program to release toxic buildup and kick start your metabolism.  Continue with food therapy, essential oils, and herbal remedies per your meridian constitutional type to bring yourself back into balance.  Learn what works long-term for you!  If you suffer from gastro-intestinal issues, hypertension, high cholesterol, blood sugar imbalances, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, stress, or emotional issues, these self-care methods offered are for you! Chinese Medicine has been around for centuries, and the theories and practices still apply to the modern people of today for all populations, and ethnicity. When symptoms improve continue to follow a balanced diet per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a healthy life, called the Spleen-Qi diet.  Similar to the Mediterranean diet, it is mostly plant based, but emphasizes a balance between the five flavors bitter, sweet and bland, spicy, salty, and sour as well as thermal energetic qualities of hot and cold foods.  Food categories such as vegetables and leafy greens, proteins, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, whole grains, spices and herbs, methods of cooking are either recommended or restricted depending on your Meridian body type.  Why does it work? Keep in mind that the basic metabolic and digestive physiology is the same, and that the basic nutritional requirements are the same for everyone.  However, we each respond differently to foods because each person may differ in physical needs, and have varying mental and emotional tendencies.  Foods, we think are good for us can lead to digestive or other health problems if we are unable to assimilate them properly.  When in good health, most people living in temperate climates do well on the Spleen-Qi diet. How does it work for you? The 10-Day Body and Gut Detox is a gentle way to cleanse the body’s organs naturally responsible for detoxification such as the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, and skin.  The essential oil protocols and herbal remedies provide support to help your organs function optimally so that they can do what they’re supposed to do.  They also contribute to the release of emotional and spiritual blockages. When to do it? The program involves following basic Chinese Medicine health rules, beginning the day with water, and a cleansing tea.  There is a menu plan to follow for each day where the initial three days involve the use of rice water, and a detoxifying rice congee or porridge.  This is a gluten free way to coat the gastro-intestinal tract, reduce inflammatory processes, and sooth the gut.  The menu for the remaining seven days helps you establish a balance between cleansing and building foods, and to rebuild a healthy gut microbiome.  This can be done as a yearly regime or as needed.  Results The goal is for you to benefit from the time-tested dietary practices, herbal and essential oil suggestions so that you can feel healthier, have more energy, lose weight, and feel young and powerful! Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM).  She specializes in energy medicine for women’s health, chronic pain, and gastro-intestinal issues.  Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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Ancient Healing for Modern People

About the Author

Dr. Michele Arnold   Dr. Michele Arnold has been practicing the healing art of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for over 18 years.  She is your personal Energy Medicine specialist for gut health, stress reduction and emotional well-being.  She is excited to share her experiences and expertise to guide you on your journey with essential oils, herbs, and natural solutions. “It is my personal mission to spread the potential health benefits of nature’s plant medicines.  Herbs, spices, and essential oils can be used to cultivate a wellness lifestyle to enjoy a healthier, happier life-longer!” Live Truth & Freedom to Reach Your True-Potential, Naturally!      


This book has not been evaluated by the FDA.  The products and methods recommended are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent illness or disease.  It is not a substitute for medical advice.  This book has been designed to provide information to help educate the reader regarding the subject matter covered. It is made available with the understanding that the author is not liable for any misconception or misuse of the information provided. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury cased, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. The information presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult a qualified health care professional.
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