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Acupressure point Kidney 27 Spirit Storehouse

kidney acupuncture point #27The Acupuncture point Kidney 27 also known as Sprit Storehouse.

Location: On the chest, in the small depression just below the sternal head of the clavicle, 2″ lateral to the midline.

Physical Uses:  Helps with cough, panting, chest pain, asthma, and spleen and stomach disharmony with hiccough, reflux, or nausea.  It is also a great point to boost your immune system, and your inner strength to overcome illness or conflict.

Spiritual-Emotional Uses:  When feeling overwhelmed, depressed, depleted, and as if your spirit is hidden, and needs replenishing.  This point is often used in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by tapping just below your collar bone.

It revitalizes your spirit, and brings it forth from the depths of despair.

Gently Tap this point with the tips of your index and middle fingers bilaterally 10-20 times, and repeat as needed.

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