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a Valentine to heal and manifest all things of the heart


We have your heart on top of mind this Valentine’s Day!

Acupuncture is known not only for relief of physical pain, and improvement of general health, but also for that of the mind-emotions and spirit. In Acupuncture medicine the mind-emotions and spirit are one. The heart is the emperor of the body, and it is in charge of the mind, thus it is considered the heart-mind or Shen.

The heart is responsible for the feelings of love, forgiveness, and joy.

The heart protector is the Pericardium that surrounds the heart. It protects the heart from emotional distress. It is the gate keeper allowing the heart to be open or closed. Sometimes we are out of balance, and our heart is too wide open to someone who may not be good for us, or it is too closed off not letting love inside.

The Pericardium meridian is used more often than the heart meridian to help balance the mental-emotional-spiritual aspects of ourselves. Taking care of the Mind-Heart-Shen can help with conditions of heart like heart palpitations, insomnia, vivid dreams, cardiac pain, broken heart syndrome, anxiety, manic behavior, fear of meeting people, shyness, poor memory, or clouded thinking.

For a day like Valentine’s Day, it is good practice to express and share our love with our loved ones and significant other. It can be a time to focus on healing our heart and moving forward. 

 Heal and Manifest all Things Related to the Heart

use the Pericardium Meridian.

Pericardium 2-Heavenly Spring. Located 2 inches below the axillary line (armpit) between the 2 heads of the biceps brachii. 

Pericardium 3-Crooked Marsh. Located medial to the bicep tendon at the elbow. 

Let me share a couple Acupuncture Points found along the Pericardium Meridian. These acupoints help to: 

  • Bring Harmony between a heart that is too wide open and one that is too closed.
  • Balance the water (fear) and Fire of intimacy. 
  • Cleanse and release old emotional wounds and heartbreak.
  • Invigorate the spirit of fire for warmth, connection, communication, and love. 

Massage gently in a clockwise fashion for 30 seconds to one minute. Breath nice and slow bringing the air into your lower abdomen expanding your ribcage and exhaling slowly making the laughter sound of HA HA HA!

If you are feeling like you need a bit more help, come in for acupuncture to heal and manifest all things related to the heart!

With love and healing,

Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle

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