Only 1 more week until my online course begins!  Course starts July 1st!

Go at your own pace with weekly modules emailed to you.  

Join me for a six week journey to heal chronic pain by getting to the root cause!

The Pain Elimination Blueprint: Six Weeks to End Chronic Pain Without Drugs and Side Effects!

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You’re probably here because you struggle with pain that won’t go away.

Since I started my practice, I’ve always had a vision for helping as many people as possible. I am really excited to let you know that I have a new online course coming out on July 1st called,
“The Pain Elimination Blueprint: Six Weeks to End Chronic Pain without Drugs or Side Effects”!
This is a 6-week online course. The purpose of the course is to help people who struggle with pain that won’t go away.  It can be minor to excruciating.  You may find it difficult to move or do your daily activities.  You may also feel like you have trouble with energy, appetite, digestion, sleep, mood, and outlook on life.  You’re tired of drugs, and other harsh treatments that work temporarily, or don’t work at all leaving you with side effects.  You want to finally get lasting solutions in place and experience total life transformation.
In particular, the course can help you:

  • Set your mind for success
  • Discover Root Causes for your pain
  • Clear congested energy, strengthen weak areas
  • Discover the power of natural remedies
  • Be free from harsh chemicals, drugs and side-effects
  • Eliminate physical suffering, and heal your mind and soul
  • Feel empowered in your own healthcare
  • Create a life full of energy, vitality and purpose without pain.

A six week program designed to help you finally gain control of your own body, improve energy flow, and blood circulation.  Blocked energy can lead to pain, illness or emotional distress. I’m thrilled to introduce this powerful system with you that will help you live pain free!

I have added the syllabus, so you have a clear sense of what’s included every week. I will be offering the course with PowerPoint modules and interactive Q and A.

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Beginning Monday July 1st

Introductory price of only $297

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